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What is Taoism?


Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of Taoism. I’m very excited that you’ve joined me because it means that possibly and probably you have an interest in this wonderful subject, what is the Tao, what are Taoist beliefs, what’s the history of Taoism, who was Lao Tzu, what was his Tao te Ching, The Taoist symbols, Yin and Yang, the five elements and how they’re the building blocks of reality, chi and all the other Taoist beliefs that make up this wonderful study dating back thousands and thousands of years to the very ancient mists of time when China was a very, very different place than it is now, and yet still there were stresses and strains as it’s part of the human condition. And the Taoists developed a philosophy and a way of ordering the world so that they could then become one with it in a certain kind of flow and that’s the magic you’re going to learn about on this site.

People often confuse Taoism and religion. You see Taoism isn’t a religion at all. It’s a collection of techniques, psychophysical techniques based on a very simple profound philosophy. And these techniques are such things as the Taoist martial arts - tai chi, pau kua, xing yi, and qigong, it’s really just a very succinct method for finding your innermost center and being able to maintain this centered state through the inevitable ups and downs of daily life, which they call the yin and yang, while maintaining equilibrium and thereby having a clear focussed mind. And when you have a clear focussed mind and know what your intention is, it’s very simple just to then flow along with the flow of events, like rafting down a river and be delivered as it were, into the perfect scenario – I say perfect – nothing’s perfect. Because of the yin and the yang you’ll always have imperfection and perfection, but into the grand joy of it all, the grand symphony of it all. And that’s what the Tao means. It means this magnificent show that we’re all part of. And whatever’s driving the show, this is the Tao and it’s about developing a relationship with this that works for you, and for it, and for everybody, and the rewards are immeasurable.

Why am I called the Barefoot Doctor? Well, the Barefoot Doctor is just a job title. It’s an ancient Chinese metaphor, a Taoist one, meaning humble healer. The Barefoot Doctors evolved, like the medicine men and medicine women, but actually mostly women, who went from village to village keeping people healthy and their spirits uplifted and their minds focussed so they could lead a full successful life. And they did this by applying acupuncture and herbs and massage where necessary. But also by telling them stories, singing them songs, playing instruments, doing magical spells and magical talismans on the walls of their houses and so on and so forth, just lots of things that would keep people feeling good about being alive. They were doing a great service and were very much loved by everyone. I take my moniker from that because I travel round the world, spreading good energy through teaching this Taoist system. I’m also found on the internet, which is like being around the world all at the same time.

I trained in Taoist energy medicine – I’m a doctor of Chinese medicine, I was trained in psychotherapy, trained in Shamanism living with the native Americans for four years, and I had probably the busiest healing practice in the United Kingdom for seventeen years. And I take my teaching of the Taoist practices from really being a Tai Chi master.


That’s my basic bedrock and I take all the information that you get from being a tai chi master and share it with people who aren’t going to have the time to study tai chi. But if they use the basic principles it will inform them to live optimally at all times.

And why learn with me? Well I’ve been learning with me quite a long time, nearly over four decades, and I’ve truly enjoyed every minute of it.


And I think that’s what I’ll be able to help you do, get you to understand how the system works, help you train yourself in it, help you get the benefits from it and enjoy the process immensely as you go along, and if you’re not enjoying it, it really isn’t worth doing.


You could say that Taoism is the method of enjoying life. That’s what I help people do, feel better about themselves from the inside out. And the better you feel about yourself – genuinely, not in denial of your dark side and your pain and all the rest of it, everybody has that, but accommodating that – the more you feel that way about yourself, the more you sparkle from within as it were, the more the outside seems to flow harmoniously for you. And the more of us that can achieve this harmony in the world today, the more quickly we’ll be able to bring the world back to a place of stability and calm, which is my particular passion.

So I’m really glad you’re here. You’ll find things on the History of Taoism, Taoist beliefs, What is the Tao, The Tao and Religion, Taoism and Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism, Taoist beliefs, Fen shui, Yin and Yang, The Five Elements, chi, Lao Tzu, and the Tao Te Ching. The Tao is fascinating. I was thinking just recently, what is Taoism and I went, Tao is, hmm, and that’s it.