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Taoist beliefs


People talk to me about Taoist beliefs. In fact, this is really a bit of a paradox because Taoism really doesn’t stress belief at all.


It stresses developing intentionality. In other words, the intention to manifest a particular outcome and to intend to access the personal qualities requisite to attaining that outcome.


But there isn’t any necessity for believing anything. All you have to is intend it, see it done and then let go and relax and it will be done as if by doing nothing. That’s the basic gist of the idea of what they call Taoist magical wu wei manifesting.

But if it were reduced to an idea of belief I think that you could say that the following of the Tao implies that the manifest universe, life, the world of the ten thousand things, is a mirror to what you believe.


So if you believe, for example, that you’re in a fairy tale where you have an invisible fairy godmother and any time you need to you can make three wishes and your wishes will be granted, and invariably these instances occur when you’re really down on your luck and about to give up and need all the courage you can get, and then that life will come through for you and deliver you into the next bed of roses, if that’s your belief, if that’s what you believe the Tao is, then that’s what it will be, it will prove you right.


That’s what it’s here to do, to prove you right. So it will manifest that reality for you in technicolour, in full sensaround reality for you to enjoy.


If on the other hand you believe life to be a nightmare in which everyone’s out to get you, and everything is out to conspire to up end you in some way or another, sure enough it’ll prove you right like that.


So when it comes to beliefs in the Taoist way of doing things it’s important to firstly acknowledge that beliefs are merely beliefs, they’re not sacrosanct in themselves, albeit that people are killed in the name of their beliefs incessantly throughout history. Beliefs are merely beliefs, that’s all they are, they’re constructs, they don’t have any ultimate validity, they’re not primordially so. If an asteroid were to smash into this planet and the whole thing be destroyed tomorrow where would all the beliefs be?

So, having acknowledged that they’re malleable in that way, examine your list of beliefs and your fundamental sub belief about what reality is, about how the story works out, and ask yourself if you’re willing to change that if it’s not one that’s going to serve you fully. And then by and by develop an intention to manifest an outcome of whatever it is you do want in your life, the qualities you do want to be experiencing, the surroundings you do want to find yourself in, the kind of relational dynamics you want to be experiencing with somebody or with people around you.


And what will happen is as soon as you have that clear as your intention, the Tao, the Great Way, the Great Sympathy will conspire to prove you right and it will be an amazing thing. Not because you get the things you want, but because you’ve watched the motion of the entire universe work to support you.


That’s a blessing.

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